Research in Progress (Publications Pending):

  1. Waller AJ, Bilgen M, McIff TE, Toby EB, Fischer KJ:  Validation of MRI-Based Models of Joint Contact Mechanics in a 9.4 Tesla Scanner.  Annals of Biomedical Engineering (In Preparation).
  2. Waller AJ, Fischer KJ:  Comparison of Accuracy of Pressure Sensitive Film and Electronic Thin Film Sensors and Evaluation in the Radiocarpal Joints.  Journal of Biomechanics (In Preparation).
  3. Johnson, JE, McIff TE, Lee S-P, Toby EB, Fischer KJ:  Validation of Radiocarpal Joint Contact Models Based on Images from a Clinical MRI Scanner.  Journal of Orthopedic Research (In Preparation).
  4. Fischer KJ, Johnson JE, Lee S-P, McIff TE, Toby EB, Eckstein F:  Comparison of Direct Measurement of Cartilage Deformation with Surface Contact Model Mechanics Based on the Same Sets of MR Images.  Clinical Biomechanics (In Preparation).

Papers Published

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