Why KU?

Biomechanics and Bioengineering at KU

KU offers a rare opportunity with depth in biomechanics. The Mechanical Engineering Department has 9 full-time tenure-track faculty with research in biomechanics. We have a strong emphasis on orthopaedic, musculoskeletal, and rehabilitation biomechanics. In addition, we have local collaborations with many faculty in other disciplines, as part of the Bioengineering Research Center. Graduate students can choose to obtain a degree in a traditional engineering department or to obtain a degree through the Bioengineering Graduate Program. The Bioengineering Graduate Program has 60 affiliated faculty from both the KU-Lawrence (main) campus and the KU Medical Center campus. Many collaborations and research projects include components on both campuses.

Related Laboratories:
Experimental Joint Biomechanics Research Lab
Biodynamics Laboratory
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You don't need to have an engineering degree

Graduate student applicants who do not have an engineering degree still have the opportunity to get a degree with biomechanics research at KU. While the Mechanical Engineering Department requires graduate students to have (the equivalent of) an ME degree, some basic science students (such as those with a physics background) may only need to take a few remedial courses. Most graduate student applicants without an engineering background will want to apply to the Bioengineering Graduate Program. The Bioengineering Graduate Program has less stringent entrance requirements. Those requirements vary by track. Refer to the Bioengineering Graduate Program webpage or contact the program administrative associate (785/864-5258).

Kansas is NOT flat!

And neither is LIFE at KU and in the Lawrence Community. The City of Lawrence is a vibrant town of about 100,000 people. In addition to a full University events calendar, the Lied Center for the Performing Arts draws world-class concerts and events to the Lawrence area. Still not enough? You can get city life minutes away in downtown Kansas City, with professional sports (even Nascar), nightclubs, theater and music. Still not convinced, check out the OFFICIAL Why KU? Website!! You can also find more information at the links below!

Why KU?
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